Tipping Point


Mirror-Polished Stainless Steel, Reclaimed Teak and Glass
H 1050 W 5500 D 5000 mm

Tipping Point is a visually arresting sculptural kitchen; appearing to defy gravity by impossibly resting on a knife-edge. The highly polished stainless steel enhances the effect offering an eye-catching pair of arcs, balancing in perfect symmetry. The lustrous surface creates elegant elongated reflections of the surrounding environment, effortlessly integrating into the immediate surroundings.

This piece functions as a cooking stage, completely serviced with sink, draining board, dishwasher, induction hobs, storage, and all the necessary utilities. One arc features an integrated curved sink and drainer, the drainer is realised in reclaimed teak, prized for its resistance to water. The opposite arc offers a cooking surface, which is conceived in black heatproof glass with an induction hob. Both counterparts echo the same curved drawers in solid walnut. The raised perimeter offers a bar height surface at which to sit or serve.