This very special Dime cabinet is a custom piece, created for the saloon of a superyacht conceived by the acclaimed H2 Yacht Design.


The original Globe Bars were commissioned following the return of adventurers from the Grand Tour as a visual aide to their tales over a drink. Here, we offer a modern interpretation, tailored to suit the extraordinary lifestyle of the yacht’s owners who live aboard most of the year and travel the oceans extensively; seeing the world from a different perspective.  


The cabinet is wall-mounted on a mirror, giving the illusion of a full globe floating in space, and features several personal details. Aside from their colour preference in metallic resin, their home in Fort Lauderdale is positioned front and centre which serves as a subtle reminder of how far they have travelled wherever they are in the world. Furthermore, the map’s relief is in reverse with the countries low and smooth,

and the oceans high and textured, reflecting the owner’s adoration of life at sea.

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