We were commissioned to create a kitchen for a family in a London townhouse.  Through meeting the clients, it quickly became apparent they were open to the opportunity to create something that was truly unique to them and their space.  
The room was a large rectangle, with an old brick interior on one side, and a new glass extension at the other.  We aimed to soften the binary layout with furniture that brought the two styles together.  We were also keen to build interest without being confined to the profile of the walls.  Avoiding the use of curved cabinetry, we experimented with segmented blocks that collided together to create a dynamic and far more ergonomic living space.  The resulting chevron-shaped layered island, with angled work surfaces and tapered shelving, loses the rigidity of the rectangular floor plan and imparts a fluidity to the space.  A thoughtful selection of tactile materials woven throughout brings it all together as one cohesive room.  
Our first design consideration was the sightlines.  By creating easy vistas from both the inside the kitchen while using it, and from the outside while viewing it, we were able to create a space that feels inherently comfortable.  With a busy family coming and going, we mapped out visuals to the front door and pinched the island forward into this ‘v’ shape, so the owners did not have to stop what they were doing in order to see what was going on around them. Designing these intentional connections from the outset achieves a real sense of harmony in the finished design.  
The island has many tricks up its sleeve.  A secondary drawer dishwasher is hidden into the end of the raised island to easily wash the incidental coffee cups from the café cupboard beside the door.  This was located here so that hot drinks could be prepared without encroaching on the cook’s zone.  The butcher's block bar keeps the cooking area from being too overlooked, and maintains the more comfortable bar height level while relaxing on the stools.  
There is a clear logic to the kitchen’s productivity.  The food storage and large fridges are down one end, hidden in cobalt blue cabinets.  Food is put on the copper end of the island for preparation and washing in the conveniently placed island sink.  The food then continues it’s journey down the kitchen to the hobs and oven, and arrives at the end of the island for plating up. Once back from the kitchen table plates can be rinsed, and put straight into the large dishwasher where they can be unloaded and stored down that end.  
Aesthetically, the sharp streamlined angles of the kitchen are tempered by the warmth of the wood and soft copper colours, the industrial microcement flooring and overhead gantry lighting, set in a raw steel I-beam, collided together with the luxury metals and sleek layers of materials, create a cool look, a pleasing mash-up of styles that is unique to the owners.

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