We were commissioned to create a serene, natural and contemporary kitchen for a recently completed new house.  The structure of the building had a creative angular layout with wings projecting from a central core.  The clients were keen to introduce organic curved forms as a natural antithesis to the strong geometry of the architecture.  In such a beautifully open space, we knew we had to master some clandestine storage and create an effective layout to enable a good flow around the space. 


Our brief was to design a kitchen that would perfectly integrate with the dining and chill-out lounge area, but when we visited the property we knew we had to incorporate some hallway storage.  The design of the large waved sculptural wall, acts not only as subtle device to lead you around the space more effectively, but also houses hallway storage from the entrance hall end, through to a wine cooler and glassware (where you can serve guests into the living room) and eventually leading around to the fridge in the centre of the kitchen. 


The hand-height wave motif, conceived in pippy brown oak, has a playful tactile quality, once again guiding you around the space and indicating how to open the cupboards.


As is typical in Splinter Works designs, we firmly believe in the sociable act of cooking, so the range cooker is set into the island.  From that position you can prep and cook while enjoying the best position of the kitchen, and guests or relaxed diners have their own bar to sit at whilst maintaining the conversation.  The less glamorous job of washing up is kept further out of sight behind the island.  The dishwasher is also set in the back wall to hide the process as much as possible.  The full height curved larder is at the end.


In this modern house, the use of reclaimed and earthy materials worked particularly well, so we partnered the reclaimed Cotswold stone walls, with a strong crown English oak.  This traditional material suggests a sense of quality and craftsmanship, but designed in a way so that every surface was curved, elevates tradition to create a synergy between old and new, authentic and contemporary: A perfect alchemy to create kitchen serenity.  

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