Our client had a stone barn built within the grounds of his country home to serve as an executive suite and a place to house his classic car collection. We were commissioned to plan the layout and design custom-made furniture to fulfil the many functions required of the space.

The client is a classic car and aviation enthusiast, so we had an abundance of fantastic aesthetic references and a strong direction for the style we wanted to create for him. We began by delineating the large upper space into functional areas, his main working area, meeting area, and relaxing space. On the ground floor, his car collection, and games area.


The Wing desk is positioned thoughtfully to make the most of the long views down the valley whilst still giving a good line of sight to the entrance. In the central area, we placed Soar, a generous conference table, which is a focal point of the room. To the end of Soar we commissioned a painting by Tim Layzell, which we used to conceal a large television screen, which can slide from either side, serving as a conference screen during meetings, or a television in the lounge area. As it opens, it blocks out the small windows on either side, shutting out the unwanted daylight from behind the screen. At the end of the barn we sited the lounging area, which looks down onto the esteemed car collection through the glass floor.

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