Continuing on our mission to make the everyday extraordinary, the Rima coffee and side tables are characterised by their elegant use of geometry and subtle but signature playfulness.

The starting point was the very simple, recognisable shape of a rectangular two-dimensional table top, which when developed in three dimensions, has been sculpted and tapered to create a refined and honed shape. This slimming and inward curving of the table legs not only reduces the visual impact of the large piece of furniture, but it also gives more space for your feet while sitting around it. 

The definition of their namesake Rima is; a slit, fissure, or narrow elongated opening between two symmetrical parts. Here the form of the table has been dissected, the rima reveals the glowing red interior and a slice of light but it also offers the opportunity to split the table if desired for flexibility of arrangement. When in its whole form, the two pieces are held apart by clear dowels in a constant state of equilibrium. 

With the side tables, the wooden curve seen in the coffee table has been split and made taller, and the rima has morphed from a void into a solid, albeit clear, plane of toughened glass which holds the two sides together and triangulates the base.  

The sister works echo and complement each other but are also strong stand-alone pieces. Both are available in alternative sizes, colours and wood selections upon request. 

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