Splinter Works are thrilled to launch the Waha slide, their first standardised water slide that fits directly into existing indoor or outdoor pools.  


Waha has been designed to not only add hours of endless pool-side fun but as a sculptural highlight to inspire and engage with aesthetically.  The elegant design was inspired by surfing a waha (a barrel wave).  The shape appears to gather momentum and reaches a crescendo, which then circles back in on itself. Waha is an impactful artwork, a piece of functioning sculpture that enhances its environment, whether that is inside a subterranean metropolitan residence, or pool-side in a tropical, coastal or country garden setting. 


Over the last 4 years, the Splinter Works design studio (widely recognized for their Hammock Bath) has been creating water slide commissions for clients that are bespoke and site-specific.  Now in addition to these commissions, this prêt-a-porter slide has been specifically designed for easy integration within existing pools. 


It is easy to install as it is simply fixed to the ground with screws.  The design is shaped with a twist at the end, which not only makes for a more thrilling ride, and beautiful shape, but allows for the structure to be placed unobtrusively parallel to the pool.  As it takes up less space on the deck area, and it can be installed beside the water’s edge, it allows for more flexible placement options around the pool. 


Waha can be ordered with a left or right twist, and a range of sizes. A range of finishes is also available.  The piece pictured here has a mirror-polished interior and a brushed stainless steel exterior, which gives it a subtle definition to the form, but it can be entirely polished or with the outer face enamelled in colour.


The water slides are made from sheets of stainless steel, each meticulously crafted by hand, and only formed into the sculptural structure by eye.  Every luxury water slide is handmade to order.


Polished stainless steel doesn’t get too hot to touch, even in sunny climes. In fact, it actually reflects sunlight and thermal energy as it doesn’t oxidise like other metals.  There is also the option to have water jets that further cool the slide, and keep it from drying out in the sun.  Made from marine-grade stainless steel, they will not corrode and are built to last a lifetime.


Safety is engineered into all Splinter Works’ luxury water slides from the outset. With grip underfoot and drain holes on the steps, and an easy-to-grab handrail that is incorporated seamlessly into the sculpture, the water slides are designed to meet British and US safety standards.

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