Wing was developed as a one-off commission specifically for use as a desk. The client had enjoyed the Stiletto table but required a larger workspace that would be appropriate in his large open-plan office overlooking the Cotswolds countryside. The outcome is a more masculine, empowering piece of furniture. The designers were inspired by flight, because of the client’s aviation business, and by using swooping curved legs they created the abstracted shape of a bird caught in flight. The dynamic silhouette is animated further by the use of book-matched straight grain walnut veneer, which fans out from the nose of the desk. The desk retains the dramatic highlight of red on the underside.

Ergonomically it has been designed so that the client could sit right within the desk, the gentle V shape not only wraps around the seated point, but also creates a natural divide offering fresh perspectives when working between the computer and paperwork. It offers two drawers and conduits for cable management run through both legs to keep cables hidden.

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